Unleash Your Creativity with Custom 3D Printing

Unleash Your Creativity with Custom 3D Printing

Bring your creative visions to life with 3DPrintJunction’s custom 3D printing services. As pioneers in making digital designs physically real since 2015, we enable innovators, startups, and creators to unleash their creativity through on-demand manufacturing.

Our full-service 3D printing capabilities empower you to imagine anything and hold it in your hands. We handle the entire process from optimizing your 3D files to selecting the best printing technologies and materials to match your needs. Engineered to print precision plastic, metal, and even architectural models, our services breathe life into creative ideas.

The only limit is your imagination! If you can design it digitally, we can likely 3D print it as a high-quality physical prototype or end-use product.

Key Benefits of Custom 3D Printing

Leveraging custom 3D printing services unlocks new potential compared to off-the-shelf 3D printers. Work with our printing experts to enjoy:

  • Larger Build Volumes: Print models taller than 12 inches without height restrictions. Our industrial printers have among the largest build volumes in India spanning over 2 cubic feet.
  • Advanced Printing Technologies: Access niche technologies like SLS, SLA, FDM, DMLS, Polyjet, full color Multi-Jet Fusion, continuous carbon fiber, and more.
  • Engineering-Grade Materials: Print using 100+ materials from standard PLA and ABS to advanced plastics, flexible rubbers, durable alloys, precious metals, castable wax, medical-grade resins, and exotic composites.
  • Post-Processing Services: Get models sanded, painted, polished, plated, tapped, assembled, and more. Save time without acquiring additional skills and equipment.
  • Rush Turnarounds: Receive prints in as little as 24 hours for time-sensitive projects.
  • Creative Expertise: Our team helps refine designs for optimal functionality, aesthetics and printability. Bounce ideas to spark innovation.

Turn Digital Files into Physical Objects

Our custom 3D printing process handles everything from 3D model preparation to selecting the best technologies and materials to post-processing and global delivery.

Step 1) Submit your 3D model files in STL, OBJ, STEP or native CAD formats for review by our printing experts. Or if starting from scratch, contact us to create 3D designs.

Step 2) We assess printability, optimize orientation, structure, and layout to ensure success, and provide feedback.

Step 3) Choose from our array of industrial 3D printers and 100+ materials from plastics to metals matching strength, flexibility, heat-resistance, and aesthetic needs. Get guidance picking the best process for the application.

Step 4) Print your object onsite at our facility using the latest technologies maintained to rigorous quality standards.

Step 5) Allow our finishing team to smoothen surfaces, remove support structures, dye, assemble parts, and apply custom paints and platings if required.

Step 6) We professionally package and ship printed objects globally by air/sea freight, safely delivering them to your door.

Unleash Creativity in Any Domain

Thanks to continual 3D printing innovation combined with smart design principles, we can manufacture specialty products unachievable previously.

Our clients already enjoy cutting-edge rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing across applications like:

  • Engineering: Print functional prototypes of new product ideas using robust materials to test form, fit, and functionality. Iterate quicker.
  • Architecture: Create intricate architectural models with complex geometries printed in higher resolution than ever before.
  • Aerospace: Manufacture lightweight custom drone, aircraft and rocket components with advanced materials.
  • Automotive: Produce custom car parts for concept vehicles and racing needs aerodynamically optimized using generative design algorithms.
  • Art & Sculptures: Leverage multi-material and full color 3D printing to manufacture stunning artwork, sculptures and collectibles in expressive shapes.
  • Education: Engage students by rapidly printing tactile 3D models to augment visual understanding ranging from atoms to anatomy.
  • Entertainment: Cosplayers and prop builders create amazing costumes, cosplay weapons, movie props using our 3D printing.
  • Medical: Partners rely on multi-material 3D printing for personalized braces, prosthetics, implants, models for pre-surgical planning.
  • Fashion: Design experimental fashion accessories, unique light-weight wearables using flexible and shape memory materials.
  • Jewellery: Manufacture customized rings, pendants and jewellery pieces in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum through 3D printing.
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These are just a sampling of applications we’ve produced using over 26 industrial 3D printers in our India-based facility. Contact our experts to realize your creative ideas with custom prints!

Partner with 3DPrintJunction

3DPrintJunction provides end-to-end services starting from 3D design, 3D scan, 3D modeling culminating in 3D printing and shipping printed parts globally since 2015. We deliver quality prints across technologies quickly to bring concepts to life.

As pioneers in digital manufacturing in India with an international clientele, we are driven by innovation. Our facility houses the latest technologies to transform designer and engineer imaginations into reality.

Reach out for a free quote or consultation regarding your project by emailing contact@3dprintjunction.com or using our 24/7 online chat.

Our services cater from hobbyists printing gifts and gadgets to Fortune 500 companies rapid prototyping new products. We offer transparent pricing suited for any budget.

Ready to explore what custom 3D printing can unlock for your needs? Contact us to request a quote or schedule a design consultation today!

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