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consultation with a 3d printing expert

Selecting the optimal 3D printing technology and material is crucial but can be overwhelming with the vast range of options available today. At, our team of experts provides tailored 3D printing consultations to guide you in determining the ideal solutions for your specific application requirements and objectives.

Whether you are new to additive manufacturing or an experienced user aiming to leverage a new process or material, our complimentary phone or video consultations offer invaluable assistance. We take the time to understand your project goals, operating constraints, part functionality needs, and more before suggesting suitable material/technology combinations.

Our phased consultation approach focuses on:

Determining Key Application Requirements

First and foremost, we need to comprehend your must-meet requirements whether strength, heat resistance, biocompatibility, durability, accuracy, surface finish, color, or specialized mechanical properties. This establishes key material and process criteria.

Evaluating Suitable Materials

With requirements established, our experts suggest shortlisted material options best meeting your needs from our extensive portfolio. We offer metal powders, engineering resins, flexible materials, composites, ceramics, waxes, and an array of additional options. Guidance is provided on material mechanical/thermal behavior, accuracy, best practices, and more allowing informed decisions.

Reviewing Relevant Technologies

An illustrative display of various 3D printing technologies with corresponding models and diagrams, including FDM, SLS, SLA, MJF, and DMLS.

In alignment with material selections, our consultants discuss compatible printing technologies and respective pros, cons, costs, build volumes, accuracy, speed, and more. Popular options reviewed include FDM, SLS, SLA, MJF, DMLS, and more post-processing needs may also be addressed.

Providing Optimization Recommendations

To ensure ideal printed part quality, our experts provide CAD model and file preparation best practices tailored to your chosen process and resin/powder. Support structure needs, preferred orientations, critical dimensions, and other optimizations are outlined to implement prior to ordering prints.

Equipped with our expert consulting service spanning materials, technologies, PART optimization, and preparation procedures, you can have full confidence selecting and leveraging additive manufacturing for your application the first time. Avoid wasted time and expenses from misguided decisions by engaging with our deeply knowledgeable team today.

To schedule your complimentary introductory consultation with our additive manufacturing experts, please contact us online or email with a brief background on your project. We eagerly look forward to assisting with your transition into benefiting from 3D printing!

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