Receive Tailored 3D Printing Guidance through Our Consultation Service

Recieve Tailored 3D Printing Guidance through Our Consultation Service

Introducing 3D printing for your business or project? Our expert consultations ensure your success from start to finish.

Whether exploring possibilities or planning implementations, 3DPrintJunction offers structured 3D printing consultation tailored around your needs. Discuss your goals, challenges, and context to receive custom solutions for strategic advantage. Our 3D printing experts distill many years of industrial experience into actionable plans for smooth adoption within budget.

Mobile and scalable for convenience, our remote consultations are optimized for 3D printing beginners. However, advanced customers also access an unparalleled degree of sector-specific knowledge in fields including engineering, product design, architecture, medicine and more. Let us guide your entry into the world of 3D printing or plan your expansion strategy based on latest tech and market trends.

“The team at 3DPrintJunction helped us re-engineer parts for improved manufacturability. Their metal printing expertise provided valuable design for AM inputs crucially contributing to our production ramp.”

– GM, Leading Defense Manufacturer

Primary Focus Areas of Our 3D Printing Consultations

  • Feasibility Analysis: Understand possibilities with different 3D printing technologies, benchmark against traditional methods. Assess capabilities, tradeoffs and ideal applications. Receive technology and material recommendations aligned with the task.
  • Design for AM: Make CAD models printable with expert design optimization avoiding common errors causing print failures. Suggest part consolidation, lattice structures, surface finishes etc improving functionality, aesthetics and costs.
  • Testing and Validation: Verify accuracy, repeatability, mechanical properties through structured testing protocols on printed sample parts. Compare materials, post-processing needs, quality assurance measures etc. Ensure prints meet end-use specifications.
  • Cost Modeling: Right-size solutions balancing desired quality, turnaround times and budget. Provide realistic cost estimates benchmarked against volumes, materials quality, printing and labor.
  • Ramp Planning: Prototype low volumes rapidly maturing design or applications. Plan capacity expansion for seamless scale through production partnerships leveraging our global delivery.
  • Process Standards: Institutionalize 3D printing identifying organizational needs – equipment investments, software, staff skills, compliant data security protocols etc. Define and implement phased roadmaps for integrating as core business capability.
  • Supplier Management: Source the right external print services or production technologies meeting budget and security protocols. Provide benchmarking audits and comparison on key capability parameters.

The above represent primary areas we commonly guide customers on. However our flexible 3D printing advisory service can discuss any application, challenge or planning priority unique to your scenario.

Why Seek Consultation from 3D Print Professionals?

3D printing promises innovative breakthroughs but also carries risks of suboptimal results if not adequately researched.

Seeking credible counsel is prudent before committing resources especially for early explorers unfamiliar with nuances across these diverse technologies.

As globally trusted 3D printing service partners over the last decade spanning 20000+ customers, our guidance combines rich hands-on expertise with an independent perspective not tied to any specific vendor or printing equipment.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Mitigate project failure risks through feasibility inputs identifying the “right” applications.
  • Prevent underutilization of 3D printing capacity by mapping parts better suited for traditional methods.
  • Superior designs optimized for AM through topology optimization, lattice structures and impactful finish options.
  • Realize cost savings via design choices balancing functionality, quality needs and budget.
  • Smooth technology integration into business through phase-wise roadmaps aligned with capabilities.
  • Unbiased technology recommendations based on application requirements rather than vendor affiliations.
  • Leverage expansive knowledge-base spanning aerospace, industrial, medical, architecture and other sectors.
  • Tap Global Delivery Network for scalable distributed manufacturing post-prototyping.
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While ROI from 3D printing investment can be rewarding, thoughtful planning early on determines success at every subsequent stage. Our actionable consultation blueprints this transformation catering exactly to your ecosystem, use cases and growth objectives.

How Our 3D Printing Consultation Service Works

We design flexible engagement models to meet diverse customer needs whether you are an inventor exploring possibilities or an enterprise planning widespread adoption.

Our structured 3-step process ensures consultation quality:

  1. Discover Needs: Share your applications, challenges and queries through a prep call. We analyze your ecosystem, processes, use cases, objectives and constraints to create a personalized scoping document.
  2. Joint Session: A senior 3D printing expert conducts an interactive consultation session discussing technologies, design considerations, validating feasibility and charting project plans.
  3. Recommendation Report: Our expert provides a detailed assessment report summarizing key action items, considerations, proposal for pilot testing, budget estimates etc. to inform your next steps.

Engage us for:

  • One-time Consultations
  • Retainer Advisory Services
  • Staff Skill Development Programs

Simple Pricing:

We offer transparent pricing tailored to needs starting at $250 for limited one-time sessions up to $5000 for more comprehensive long-term strategic advisory.

Contact us with your requirements and one of our associates will recommend the right consultation package. For bulk consultation requests, ask about customized pricing.

Receive Guidance from Global Leaders Powering 3D Printing Innovation

3DPrintJunction represents over 100 years of collective expertise across our leadership driving widespread 3D printing adoption since 2011.

Across aerospace, medical devices, industrial machinery, consumer products and architectural realms, our clients have come to depend on us as trusted advisors navigating the promise and pitfalls of additive manufacturing.

Whether you are an independent maker or global enterprise, tap into our specialized AM competencies for key inputs at any phase – design, production planning, material science, quality validation or global delivery.

Our proven methodology distills this hard-won knowledge into planning roadmaps tailored for your needs, accelerating your success.

Reach out for a discovery call and one of our experts will guide you further.

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