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Have you been eager to unlock the potential of 3D printing, but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than “3DPrintJunction’s immersive 3D printing workshops” With guidance from our seasoned experts, you’ll gain hands-on experience and a deep understanding of 3D printing in just a few short days.

Our structured curriculum is specially designed to provide you a [strong foundation](#strong-foundation) in 3D printing, while our small class sizes ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to expand existing knowledge, our workshops have something for you!

An Introduction to the World of 3D Printing

The world of 3D printing is fascinating but can also be overwhelming for newcomers. With so many materials, technologies, and applications, it’s difficult to know what skills are worth investing time to learn.

That’s why we built our [introductory 3D printing workshop](#intro-workshop)—to not only ground you in the essentials but to open your eyes to just how much is possible. Over the span of two information-packed days, you’ll:

  • Discover the most common professional 3D printing technologies and materials.
  • Gain insight into applications across industries like product design, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.
  • Get hands-on experience manipulating 3D models and operating printers.
  • Identify how you can leverage 3D printing for personal and professional goals.
  • Leave with sample prints and the fundamental skills to create your own designs.

With the knowledge you take away from this workshop, you’ll feel empowered to explore 3D printing on your own with confidence.

Take Your Design Skills to the Next Level

Once you have the 3D printing basics down, it’s time to refine your design expertise. Our advanced workshop will level up your skills dramatically over 5 immersive days.

Led by our talented industrial design team, the workshop walks you through:

  • Best practices for 3D modeling using professional software like SolidWorks.
  • Key design principles including form, function, ergonomics, and manufacturability.
  • Simulating designs under real-world conditions.
  • Advanced preparation techniques for flawless, complex prints.
  • Post-processing methods like sanding, filling, and painting.
  • Case studies of model iteration across industries.

With hands-on guidance and feedback every step of the way, you’ll gain the experience needed to ideate and iterate on designs with purpose and efficiency. Bring our workshop projects into your portfolio or use them as inspiration for future work.

Custom Curriculum for Groups

In addition to our tried and tested public workshops, we also offer private sessions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Over the years, we’ve designed custom 3D printing curriculum for:

  • University design and engineering programs
  • High school STEM/STEAM initiatives
  • Research & development teams in large enterprises
  • Startup product development teams
  • Advanced hobbyist maker spaces

Our experts will consult with you to understand your specific goals and challenges before designing a personalized workshop. With strategic instruction direct from industry veterans, your group will gain skills and knowledge tailored for real-world application.

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Custom options allow us to go more in-depth on topics your team needs most whether it’s bioprinting for medical applications or mass production techniques. If you have a group interested in learning, [get in touch](#contact) to get the conversation started!

Learn from Our Network of Experts

What truly sets our 3D printing workshops apart is the expertise of our instructors. Our network consists of:

  • “Seasoned designers” with years of experience in consumer products, medical devices, aviation, and more.
  • “Dedicated educators” passionate about sharing knowledge.
  • “Specialist technicians” who can dive deep into specific technologies and materials.
  • “Inventors and entrepreneurs” trailblazing with 3D printing startups.

With this range of real-world perspective in the room, you’ll receive well-rounded guidance applicable across disciplines and industries. Our instructors keep a close eye on the latest advancements and best practices too.

Leave each workshop session with clarity on how to apply new skills plus insider tips only a seasoned pro would know!

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