Get Expert Design Help with Our 3D Design Services

Get Expert Design Help with Our 3D Design Services

Bringing new product ideas to life often starts with a 3D digital model that captures key features and functionality. However, designing parts optimized for 3D printing requires specialized skill. Our experienced 3D design experts can take your project from initial concept to print-ready 3D model.

Whether starting from scratch or refining existing CAD, we handle all modeling tasks required to achieve a flawless final 3D print. Read on to learn how our 3D design services get you expert results without needing full-time in-house design talent.

The Challenges of 3D Model Creation

For those new to the world of 3D printing, creating usable 3D model files poses many hurdles including:

  • Software Complexity: Design packages like SolidWorks, Fusion 360, or Rhino require extensive training and skill to master. The steep learning curve frustrates beginners wanting fast 3D modeling wins.
  • Print Optimization: A visually good 3D model won’t necessarily 3D print well or offer needed functionality. Designing parts expressly for manufacturability as prints requires experience.
  • Time Constraints: Modeling intricate designs fully optimized for 3D printing consumes massive amounts of time – a scarce resource for most innovators and startups.

Lacking robust 3D design knowledge internally, creators often hit walls during development. Our 3D design experts fill this gap – delivering precisely modeled parts fully optimized for your applications.

Expert Design Team

Our global talent pool combines decades of hands-on 3D printing experience with skills across leading CAD programs. Areas of specialization include:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture
  • Computer Animation

Cumulatively, our design team spent over 30,000 hours last year modeling parts for 3D printing – leading to expert proficiency. Whether tackling consumer product prototypes, precision industrial components, architectural models, or artistic sculptures – we handle any modeling need.

Importantly, designers assign to each project worked extensively within the target application space. You get tailored guidance from experts who understand intricacies and best practices for your type of 3D modeling work.

Our 3D Modeling Process

We make creating flawless 3D printed parts easy through a structured design approach:

1. Project Scoping & Planning

First, we thoroughly discuss intended model application, size, materials, crucial features, and other specifications. Next, designers draft concept sketches mapping expected geometry and behavior. This aligns us on goals before modeling starts.

2. Digital Modeling &Analysis

With a clear brief in hand, our design team fire up their CAD tools to start constructing your model. As work progresses, we continually test digital files using sophisticated software checks for ensuring printable geometry. Here, we fix any model flaws.

3. Model Optimization

Before final delivery, we fine-tune designs for manufacturability as 3D prints across supported materials and printing methods. We may tweak shapes, wall thicknesses, incorporate support lattices, or engineer-in articulation points.

Our Design Services

Specific 3D modeling projects our designers can assist with include:

  • Part DesignHave an idea for a custom plastic or metal part like a product enclosure or component? We expertly model your part to spec.
  • Prototype ModelingWe work with inventors/startups to quickly iterate physical prototypes. Allows rapid design testing before committing to tooling.
  • Reverse EngineeringAlready have an existing object you want to reproduce? We scan the object and reengineer as a 3D model file for printing or other applications.
  • Architectural ModelingFrom miniature decorative buildings to large immersive museum installations – our architectural visualization skills impress.
  • Digital SculptingMake visually impressive statues, sculptures, scale miniature figures comealive through our digital sculpting and 3D print expertise.
  • CAD ConversionHave older 2D technical drawings or non-printable CAD files? Weexpertly recreate or convert these files to usable digital 3D modelsthat print flawlessly.
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Get an instant 3D design quote for your project or view our design portfolio showcasing modeling excellence across applications.

Prototyping Services for Emerging Brands

For startups and inventors, quickly getting affordable prototypes to test product concepts with target users can determine success or failure. However, building models internally delays market validation.

Our on-demand prototype design help compressed development cycles. Share a simple sketch or description of your idea with our team. Next, our prototyping specialists transform concepts into fully optimized 3D printable files ready for production as intricate concept models.

Unlike DIY attempts, our experts solve problems around multi-part assemblies, tolerances for fit/function, achieving needed durability with 3D printing materials, and delivering an impressive final prototype quickly and under budget. Refine designs rapidly based on user feedback without tying up internal engineering talent.

3D modeling projects from concept through flawless final print across applications like:

⛏**Heavy Equipment** – Helped redesign an excavator component for lighter weight and improved durability as a metal print.

🔬**Scientific Research Aids** – Partnered with a genetics team to design a sophisticated new DNA microarray testing plate optimized for laser-sintered nylon.

🏡**Architectural Modeling** – Digitally sculpted an incredible 1/87th scale model of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper from CAD reference drawings for a collector.

🛍️**Ecommerce Products** – Worked with an entrepreneur selling customizable nightlights on her Shopify store to expand offerings through unique geometric shell designs our designers modeled.

Project Design Portfolio

Review select highlights from our design portfolio:

Scientific Research Model – Custom Testing Plate with Laser Etched Surface

Architectural Model – Burj Khalifa Sculpted Model with LED Lighting

Ecommerce Products – Nature Inspired Nightlight Shell Design

See more examples of our work. Our specialized 3D design team helps bring any concept, custom component, scale miniature, replacement part or full product invention to reality through meticulously modeled and 3D printable files.

Get Ideas Flowing with Our Design Help

Hopefully this overview sparks ideas on how our on-demand 3D design experts can make your next modeling project a success!

Request a custom quote detailing your project specifications and intended application. We respond quickly with fair pricing and expected timeframes to complete modeling work based on your constraints.

With hands-on help from our skilled 3D model designers Relief prototyping headaches or expand offerings through fresh printable product designs hassle-free!

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