Master 3D Printing Quickly through Our Comprehensive Workshops

Students gathered around a 3D printer busy working on printing and design projects with an instructor.

Learn 3D printing in no time through our convenient online and in-person workshop offerings. With topics ranging from design fundamentals to advanced applications, our hands-on classes provide the perfect introduction for innovators, entrepreneurs, designers, and hobbyists looking to integrate 3D printing into their work or passions.

An Accessible Gateway into 3D Printing

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Here at 3DPrintJunction, we believe 3D printing education should be accessible and enjoyable for all audiences from middle schoolers to manufacturers. Our structured workshops balance clear explanations of concepts with ample time focusing on practical exercises. Whether you attend sessions online from the comfort of your home or visit one of ourbrick and mortar locations, you’ll receive the same commitment to quality training and support.

“I came into the Introduction to 3D Printing workshop knowing virtually nothing. Just 8 hours later, I’m confident in basic design and operation.” – Mary S., Workshop Attendee

Our classes empower both beginners and intermediate users with versatile skills in this emerging technology.

Key Topics Covered

Across our workshop curriculum, there are a few key topics participants can expect to cover:

  • 3D Printing Processes – FDM, SLS, SLA, and more – compare popular methods
  • Basic 3D Modeling – Hands-on software sessions focused on essential concepts
  • Print Preparation – Slicing, supports, settings, and file formats made simple
  • 3D Printer Operation – Safety, calibration, and printing workflows demystified
  • Material Properties – Plastics, resins, metals, and how to leverage their strengths
  • Post-processing Techniques – Processing prints for the best finish and function
  • Quality Troubleshooting – Identify and prevent common print quality issues
  • Design Considerations – Design models for better prints through geometry, tolerances, and technique

With an emphasis on making concepts tangible through in-depth examples and workshops, participants leave equipped with skills they can apply to their own projects.

Workshops Tailored to Your Goals

Foundation Series

Just diving into 3D printing? Our Foundation workshops provide the perfect starting point through entry-level classes. Introduction to 3D Printing covers core concepts across tools, materials, processes, and applications to build overall capabilities.

For focused sessions, 3D Printing 101 provides a workflow-oriented primer while 3D Design 101demystifies modeling fundamentals. Those seeking targeted knowledge can also take our introductory classes on materials, slicing, or printer operation.

Specialized Workshops

Ready to expand your skills in specialized techniques like jewelry casting, architecture modeling, or working with flexible filaments? Our Specialized series has you covered with workshops dedicated to mastery in key application areas.

Topics include:

  • Precision Prototypes
  • Manufacturing Tools
  • Architectural Modeling
  • Jewelry Casting & Model Making
  • Customized Flexible Items

And more focusing on capabilities like metals, food-safe applications, composites, finishing, and painting.

Master Classes

Our premium Master Class offerings take your 3D printing abilities to the next level through multi-day intensives with our expert instructors. Learners gain advanced proficiencies in industrial tools, design techniques, simulation, scanning, and development workflows.

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Ask us about enrolling in Master Classes like:

  • Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Full Product Development Workflow
  • Design for Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Introduction to 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

Learn from 3D Printing Specialists

Across all our workshop curriculums, participants learn from qualified instructors with years of experience in 3D printing, design, and engineering. Our talented team combines skilled makers from industries like architecture, manufacturing, and industrial design with topic experts holding advanced certifications.

Rest assured, you’ll receive best-in-class knowledge from veteran mentors passionate about sharing their expertise. State-of-the-art printers and top software tools available during hands-on sessions take the learning experience to the next level.

Convenient & Flexible Workshop Offerings

Public Workshops

Can’t commit to a long-term class? Attend one of our public workshop sessions! Held regularly across popular topics, these public classes are available on a flexible drop-in basis.

Private Group Classes

Want a workshop tailored to your organization or team? Our private group classes allow booked sessions focused on custom topics and schedules that fit your needs.

Live Online Sessions

Can’t attend in person? Select workshops available remotely through real-time interactive online classes! Get access to top instructors without traveling.

With public groups, private team offerings, and virtual sessions, our flexible and customizable classes remove barriers to entry.

Enroll Now in Our Upcoming Workshops

Ready to gain 3D printing superpowers? Browse our full range of public workshop sessions scheduled across topics and commitment levels. We strike the perfect balance between educational lectures and practical applications – all taught using professional-grade equipment.

For tailored team training, contact us to schedule a private class around your group’s schedule and knowledge gaps. And be sure to ask about our real-time online workshop options as well.

Make ideas into reality quickly through enrolling in our convenient and interactive 3D printing workshops. We can’t wait to see you in class!

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